Sharrows from the council, who don’t know what they’re for.

On my way into the office yesterday, an opportunity arose for some bike activist nit-picking. Sharrows along our city-to-university bike route have been erased, and new ones painted, under parked cars!

Local government is so delightfully quaint, don’t you think? They don’t refer to best practice guidelines freely available to anyone who has google. They just make it up. The tendency among local governments to invent wheels, is very widespread, according to Zak Stone, at Good Cities.

Sharrows are popular in the US, and actually work on streets with low volumes of cars. They show cyclists where to ride, on a predictable course, far enough from the centre of the road so cars may overtake them, yet far enough from parked cars, that they are safe from opening doors. But again, don’t look to me for expert advice. You have a computer. Go look it up. Or, if you’re a cyclist, here’s the address to complain to.


  1. kfg says:

    “Sharrows . . . painted, under parked cars!”

    Who will rid me of these meddlesome cyclists?

  2. cycler says:


    They did something similar here in Boston, but I think it was a snafu of the painting crew. They put them in in the middle of the day when there were no cars parked, and then the cars parked on them at night. They did figure it out and take out the old ones, and put new ones in the middle of the travel lane instead, but it took a while. I think that the boots on the ground lack of understanding is as much a problem as poor design and planning from above.

    • Steven says:

      Mostly likely you’ve guessed what has happened here too. Experts on painting making expert decisions with traffic.

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