Should cyclists pay road tax?

Yes, conditional on taxes on driving, rising proportionally. There in Hypothetical City, drivers were paying road taxes to the tune of $100 per year. It was decided bike riders should pay the same. But when it was pointed out that cars weigh one hundred times more than cars, and caused at least 100 times more wear and tear on the road surface, taxes on driving were increased to $10,000 per year. Soon after, it was noted how a car, including the space it takes to stop, occupies 100 times more valuable space in the city than does a bike, including the space a bike takes to stop. Well there in Hypothetical City, no one believed in giving anyone, either drivers or cyclists, anything free on plate, least of all land: the annual impost on drivers was increased to $1,000,000 per year. It was even decided to make pedestrians pay, for the public land they occupied with their bodies. Enter the 1 dollar per annum pedestrian tax.

The spirit of equity spread like a contagion in Hypothetical City, with further imposts on driving, to reflect its relative cost to public health, the environment, and its cost to emergency services. Now every last soul in Hypothetical City, has been sold to the god of the cog, and all happily pay their $100 bike registration. Afterall, they have the whole road, with no cars on.

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  1. Peters says:

    The same about fines. Afterall, no red lights to run…

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