She lives in my town!

I don’t know her face or her name, just her type: the fabulous art school chic who crochets her own skirt guards. The token whacky big art in front of the School of Visual and Performing Arts here at the University of Tasmania (where I’m now working) hardly seems worth the expense, when seen behind the students’ own adornment of bike racks. A behooving moving wink and salute goes out to you, miss fabulous art school chic who crochets her own skirt guards, for confirming my decision to come here to work! Those paint sample spoke cards are genius.


  1. Bernd Wechner says:

    I love the way you assume it’s a chic ;-). Fairly safe assumption I admit, but still interesting … would be a gas to find out otherwise.

    • Steven says:

      Since becoming a high profile blogger I have accepted it as a duty not to offend, which is why I chose “chic” rather than babe, honey, minx, etc.. I would be curious to know what you have envisioned. An old duck, perhaps?

  2. Don says:

    Thanks for posting the link to her blog Adele – what a cool lady!

    And I like the twist in the use of the word ‘chic’, rather than ‘chick’. Much more appropriate I think!

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