Shakin’ that hair, and shakin’ them bores

A few vitriolic emails from boring, poorly dressed, whining ambassadors of bicycling tribes, who believe pedal power should only be used as they like to use it themselves, have inspired me to behave with the effeteness I know those sober-sides loath, at least until they stop reading my blog, and stop following me via twitter. Serious scholars of one-true ways to enjoy cycling, I hope you enjoy these photos of me with my new quiff, my blazer with brass buttons, and my new hand made Italian shoes, from Roberto Biagini in Florence. Pluralists, hedonists, divergent thinkers, postmodernists, and lovers of life, your readership is treasured as always.      
With thanks to Matt from Hotshotz Photography, for 5 minutes work using my crappy camera.

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