Property developers, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUILD PARKING! We can’t guarantee we’ll save you the expense of building any car parking at all, but if you’re ready to work with us on bike friendly measures we’ll work with you, your bank, and your consenting authorities to make whatever garage you do have to build as small as we can possibly make it. We’ll use case studies, data, market analysis and logical arguments to convert dead space for cars into saleable space for live people. (Read more).

Employers: THE OLDEST WOMAN IN YOUR OFFICE IS ABOUT TO START CYCLING TO WORK. Every morning when she arrives to applause she will thank you for a place she can leave her new bike where everyone can see it and  pay her attention. On her safe route back home she will thank you for your advocacy and support for this infrastructure. In her mind the money she is saving in car use or bus fares is like a tax-free bonus and free weight control program, that you have provided. We want to work with you on an approach to bike parking like nothing that comes from appeasement or treating bike parking as some kind of problem. (Read more).

You are a policy maker or changer: Building and planning regulations are emerging from a dark age of auto-centric thinking, but there’s still so much to be done. We have so far been able to help the Green Parking Council in America, The Australian Cyclists Party, the Greens, The Heart Foundation of Australia, elected officials seeking advice and, in Singapore, the directors and chiefs of the URA, LTA, HDB and NPB. With collaborators at the Harvard School of Public Health Steven Fleming has undertaken an extensive review of all American and Dutch building codes and certification instruments that impact the design of bike parking in those two countries. 

You are an event organiser: Let us research your context and organisation then deliver a talk that opens everyones eyes to your city’s bicycling future and related opportunities for development. Past hosts have included: The Centre for Architecture in New York, The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) in Rotterdam,  The Singapore Institute of Architects,  Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam,  the International Cargo Bike Festival , The National Museum of AustraliaThe Australian Institute of Architects, The Powerhouse Museum, Pedal Power ACT, Pedal Brisbane, the Australian Institute of Urban Studies,  Velo-CityBicycle Network, and the City Talks – Urban Landscape Seminar Series in Hobart.

You are a city administrator: Let us show you how making your city a mecca for cyclists doesn’t need to disenfranchise voters who drive, and how you don’t have to pay for the infrastructure. What you need is a new vision for your city’s non-vehicular easements and a redevelopment plan for the low value sites they connect.

You are a visionary:  At Cycle-Space International Pty. Ltd. you will find expertise gained from 25 years of architectural practice, research and teaching, with a world-leading focus on cycling since 2009. In partnership with architects in your city, we can help you build the first truly bike-focused high density apartment complex anywhere in the world. This will make history!


One final word. Please don’t call us to “bike wash” your operation.


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* 22.9.11, Steven Fleming, “The Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD): A New Tool in Urban Resilience,” at Resilience in Urban Design, the 4th International Urban Design Conference, Gold Coast, Australia. Published proceedings (see pp.80-87)