Self-proclaimed starchitect bikewashes his matching green hanky

I want to grow old like Hadi Teherani. The Hamburg based architect, interior specialist and product designer, who is never seen out without a silk handkerchief in his top pocket, has obviously reached the top of Maslow’s pyramid. We know as much, because he has designed his own bike, which is what architects do, when they have done everything else.

You see, the bicycle is the emblem par excellence of twenty-first century values. It is also the reverse pike triple back flip of design challenges. I was once told cycling accounts for more patents than any other field of human endeavour. It is a brave soul indeed who steps into this ring.

In his wisdom, Teherani has veiled his offering as a “limited edition”. Like us, he knows no photography or rhetoric can really secure a place for his bike among the classics. No owner will keep that piping over their chain for more than two weeks, the handlebar mount for the battery will most likely work loose, and the lugged frame hardly compares to anything old and Italian. If I were Teherani, I would limit the edition to one: just enough to have my photo taken with, and have the elegance of cycling rub off on my practice.


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