Reasons to be cheerful

A reader cruelly informed me that no one will ever want to employ my urban design principles, if they are all about cycling. I’ve been glum ever since. The only solace I can take is that the club racing in Northern Tasmania is simply stunning, week after week…

…and that someone else has just suggested I am the Morrissey of bicycle blogging! So what do you think, should the next book be called Cars are Murder?


  1. Dmitri F says:

    Don’t let the haters get you down. I think your nuanced perspective is refreshing and interesting. While many other bicycle advocates focus on catering and not offending too much the motor car or pedestrians, I much prefer your ideas of cities built around comfortable cycle distances, rather than around the ancient principle of walking or the outdated driving. 🙂

  2. Luke says:

    Yes. (I can be concise.)

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