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Newcastle is the city you get when a few dozen coal mining villages grow into each other. It can also be viewed as a network of coal skip lines making tracks to a harbour, many of those now turned into "rail trails", although we call them "cycleways". Incidental photos of Newcastle from the interwar period, show bikes were as common as shoes. This was, after all, a blue collar town, where folks don’t don’t take kindly to clothes too fancy to ride in. There may be fewer bikes now, but really, not much has changed.

I’m not being sarcastic. There really are artists right now, trying to capture banality. Can I recommend Newcastle?

To my mind, bicycling Newcastle Style is something worthy of celebration. Vicki—who won the chance to be noticed by my 200 readers today, by suggesting EEG probes in our helmets replace our brake levers (wtf!?)—is the person behind, a photo journal documenting all that is derivative, banal, opportunistic, folksy and, for all those reasons, down right fricking fascinating, about bicycling in this off-the-map city of ours. (In fairness, she’s spotted a few cool things as well. You’ll have to go check her blog).

Vicki’s story strikes me as a common enough tale of cycling in sprawling cities. It starts with a mid life comeback to sports cycling, a few triathlon podium honors, and through this, a realization that bikes can actually be transportation. Then (and don’t we athletes all know about this) she goes off the boil, and maintains her pride by stylin’ it honey: riding the Dutch style bikes with the heels and the dresses. Before long, she’s bike-chic bloggin’, though in a city where everyone wears helmets from K-mart.
Out of shameless self interest, Vicki, I have  request. Could you maybe get out there taking more photos? I stepped out today with my camera, in the knowledge that Australia actually has no privacy laws preventing me photographing people out on the street on their bikes. Is it unethical? Not to my mind! People only object to being photographed in moments of shame. Cycling is proud. Like surfing.

In fact, no less esteemed a body than the Danish Foreign Ministry’s Public Diplomacy Office is about to recognize the merits of photographs shot without people’s permission, with an exhibition of paparazzi photos, all showing people on the street in Copenhagen, riding their bikes. So come on Vicki, why be so circumspect? I think Newcastle needs the kind of active slice-of-(cycling)-life blog yours is about to become!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the promo Steven, it has boosted my readership immensely, for today at least. In my defence, I have to say that my helmet is from Aldi, surely that adds some Euro flair to it! I have not yet taken to cycling in dresses and heels but it may happen one day, I could not equal the cool factor of the gals in your previous post I am afraid, that sort of sight will just not be seen in Newie.

    • Steven says:

      ha! Aldi! (Although a friend of mine did have his life saved by an Aldo helmet, in a velodrome prang.)
      I simply DO NOT, cannot, and WILL not believe that you are not a style meister

  2. Anonymous says:

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