Reader of the week: Gusto

Occasionally one meets a person half their own age, who seems twice as advanced in some ways. Take this week’s reader of the week Gusto, a fellow who found our bike polo match via a university bike users group, with which I am associated. He arrived on the very same faux Pashley Guv’nor, that fellow bike nuts and I have been admiring for weeks now, chained up near the student union. Finally! The faux Guv’nor’s rider! 

It turns out our low budget bike nut has already been through the whole Bakfiet thing, has fixie skills sufficient to play polo in a big gear and toe clips, is a member of some kind of bike gang that looks thoroughly frightful, and has a diary filled with completely insane ideas for cycling competitions the Australian Cycling Federation would run away from in horror. He brings to cycling the enthusiasm I wasted on punk bands and poetry when I was his age. And what a relief, to meet a guy from gen-Y who does not have a sucked mango hairdo, glue on muscles from The Forum gymnasium, and a phone full of bottle-blonds’ numbers!
Seems not only my son is smitten by shadows.            Strapped in, big gear, whacker in hand.                    Not dead yet again! 

Gusto, your elders in cycling salute you! (Um, just one little thing though, would you please not roll through with our peloton, at least until you can hold a straight line? It’s just… we have families.) 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All accurate

    Apart from the blonds

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