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Don't let your great photos go to waste, on your own blog, that none of us will ever read (especially yours, you tool-brain Txarli Eintxels). Share those bike photos, where complete strangers can rate them. Rate My Velo is like Rate My Poo (remember that one?) only not crappy! There is no rigmarole. Just accept a twitter app, select a file, and you're up and running. Upload your photos, then start rating others'. And if you see any of the photos below, click yes, ESPECIALLY if you see the little dude on the dragster in the bottom right corner. Some really nasty person saw my boy there, and clicked no! I bet it was you Txarli Eintxels


  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. Didn’t see anything with drop bars voted up. Upright riding is just more appealing.

    • Steven says:

      indeed, it’s an interesting barometer of public opinion. They have a road/sport sister site that I haven’t looked at, but I doubt that will take off.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Txarli Eintxels believes people are interested in his opinion, he is deluded.

    • Steven says:

      Re: Tool-brain

      ha ha, and quite possibly dangerous 🙂 I would take the time to say I am not a blind advocate of bike lanes, but then I would only provoke more nuisance tweets.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Txarli Eintxels

    I just read a bit of Txarli Eintxels’ blog. Oh dear. So much anger. He/she does get to the point though. He summarises it this way:

    “My position is that the high level of bicycle use in the Netherlands and Denmark is due to historical, social, political, economic and cultural reasons that have no relation whatsoever (repeat after me: no relation whatsoever) with the segregation paradigm or with the abundance of cycle lanes”.

    Impossible to argue with but nevertheless totally wrong. Txarli doesn’t appear to have read about what led to the development of Dutch in frastructure in the early 1970s.

    He/she ends his position this way:

    “in a few years (certainly by the next generation) … everywhere else in the world cyclists will ride naturally in the streets, happily mingling with whatever urban motor traffic is left.”

    That is a very hopeful comment. I see no signs of it whatsoever in Australia. As to “happily mingling” with motor traffic, whatever turns your crank Txarli but it’s not my idea of fun.


    • Steven says:

      Re: Txarli Eintxels

      Edward, you have waded through a lot of psychosis, to find something the dude could have just told me. I propose a toast to Txarli’s vision for the future, to slow rubber cars, and of course to bike lanes, that we shall make use of during the interim long years.

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