Primrose’s Birthday

neeeeigh, woo there

Yes, it is her birthday, and as my sweetheart enters her late twenties it is beholden upon me to whip out the plastic, as any good sugar daddy would do. The first big parcel has already arrived, her new Scrap Delux from Velorbis.

              yes, these are actually helmets!

The other order, from Bobbins Bicycles, (the most beautiful bicycle shop in Great Britain), I am hoping you all will help me complete, by clicking on this link and sending me your suggestions using the comments section below. Thank you so much! 
         straw pannier                  bicycle rain coat      more rain protection


  1. Primrose prezzies

    I know that Dr Behooving fancies bells as means of advising pedestrians of one’s approach but I favour a juicy horn, so, my vote would be for the Bugle Horn

    Though this coat looks very fetching too!

    Not to mention a reflective pom pom!?!


    (actually saw someone with a deerstalker type helmet today – they had pedalled out of earshot by time I thought of asking where it had come from)

    • Steven says:

      Re: Primrose prezzies

      Indeed Roberto, and may I say how nice it is to find you back here in blogsville. And buying shit on the internet is so much fun!!! Her Scrap Delux arrives Tuesday. Shall we hit Glenrock on it this weekend?

    • Re: Primrose prezzies

      Glenrock always a possibility – I won’t be on a Velorbis though?!?

      Internet shopping is certainly fun but as long as I keep taking the medication I have that under control.


  2. Beautiful bike!!!

    (and Primrose is not too bad either)

    Happy Birthday!!

    (Dr Behooving – my birthday is coming up in October …)


  3. No – I do not need a ladies bike – I am not a lady – which should be obvious to you Dr B!

    So – an appropriately gendered bicycle would be what I was seeking. (Not that I have any expectation of same!?!?)

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