Practical tips on dressing for long commutes

Honored as I am that readers are increasingly seeing my blog comments section as a forum for serious discussions (that truly, I learn a lot from), I must, so I can sleep soundly, make room as well on Behooving Moving for the kind of stress relief from my day job, for which I started this blog—that you will note, still has no ads, or corrupting sponsorship of any kind. I present to you therefore, a few practical tips about dressing for your one-hour-each-way, daily commute on a heavy balloon bike, oblivious to the banality of the rail easements and storm water canals which that ride takes you via. I trust you enjoy…



  1. Anonymous says:

    No chamois inserts? And still with a central seam?

    • Steven says:

      Oh, you’re quite right. Made in China. Nothing magical to repel water. AUD$70 was a fair price. And if one of my testicals pops out of a hole while I’m giving a lecture, you can be sure every detail will be reported right here!

    • Anonymous says:

      Back to a kilt then.

      So the Biker Kilt remains the best answer then?
      Albeit more than Au$70, £245 in fact. Mind you, shipping downunder is reasonable at £8.65 for as many kilts as you like.

      “The kilt is to the emancipation of men as trousers were to the emancipation of women”*
      Not good on my rowingbike though, or any recumbent.
      Would the Brooks saddle need to be replaced with an “S” equivalent?

      I wonder if Guy’s Dashing cycle trousers are cut differently through the gentleman’s area?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. I love the jacket. And the hair.

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