On Forbes Apartments

Residents of On Forbes Apartments in Canberra will be the first in Australia to enjoy free 24/7 access to quality eBikes thanks to the decision of Property developers Art Group to include a “bike library” provided by bike sharing company, BYKKO. Cycle Space was engaged by BYKKO to research and communicate the likely impact of this initiative in terms of apartment buyer demand, green transport, and urban mobility. Press stories: 1, 2, 3.




BYKKO have been our clients and partners in joint ventures since 2015 when we first started representing this innovative and socially responsible bike sharing company. BYKKO provide top-shelf bike sharing and bike library solutions to governments, employers and property developers in Australia, and with Cycle Space support their clients with research and innovation to ensure schemes and pilots succeed in the Australian context.

Together with BYKKO we established the Bike Share Studies website, where you will find our eBook designed to help city administrators and community groups assess the suitability of their cities for bike sharing systems.


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