Now collecting bikes in the names of old friends

Being the hyper-divulgent type that I am, I have not kept a very tight lid on my secret plans to leave this city and move to Launceston in Tasmania in just a few weeks. I know, many ladies harbouring secret crushes will be utterly shattered, my current employers will agonise wondering what they might have said to upset me, my team time-trial crew won’t stand a chance in combined club B-grade team time-trials, and the organisers of Newcastle’s forthcoming bicycle festival will be left with nerds in reflective vests to MC their fashion parade. As for Launceston, they will hardly benefit at all from my coming! They’re already a bicycling Mecca—at least in terms of road racing, mountain biking and adventure bicycle touring.

The ramification of my imminent move are so far beyond my capacity to deal with emotionally, that I have instead been pouring all of my energy into buying new bikes. Meet Hamish, the bike Hamish insists I name after him, because he picked it up for me from the seller in Sydney, and because all of my bikes from now on shall be named after good friends in Newcastle, who I shall miss. Each will be kept at my country manor down there in Tassie for my sorely missed friends to ride when they visit.

Hamish is a 1984 Colnago Super with full Super Record components from 1984 too, and Mavic wheels. Enersto Colnago has his name engraved everywhere: that’s Ernesto’s way of being remembered.

Scoop riding 1984 Colnago Super, aka Hamish

Hamish rode Hamish last night. Scoop rode him today: “Hmm,” Scoop says, “I think I need a road bike now too.” And I rode him this morning at club racing, where I picked up 3rd place in B-Grade; who says you need the latest bike to be competitive! Honestly, this old thing served me as well in the sprint finish as my 6.9kg titanium Lynskey (although I must confess, top gear on Hamish took a while to engage).

Try not to look back

I’m leaving more friends than I can cope to be leaving, and am frantically hoarding bikes with all of their names on. What I can’t procure before my departure, I shall procure in Tasmania, where a collection of steeds of all types shall be hanging from hooks, ready to roll. I want to say to you Scoop, Brad, Gusto, Hamish, Roberto, C.B. King, Bernie, and all you guys I have so enjoyed racing with since 1992 at Kooragang Cycling Club, that dry quarters await you any time you would like to see Tassie. Just hop on a plane with your pedals and shoes.

From laughing stock to 3rd in B-Grade


  1. Vicki says:

    I am very sorry to hear that you are leaving our town, Steven, we do need a bike mayor here, so if things don’t work out in Tassie, I hope you will remember us. Seriously, all the best for you and your family there, we will try to keep Bike Hour going without you to lead us on.

    • Steven says:

      Many thanks Vicki. Aside from stints in Singapore and New York, this has been my home all my life. Hopefully Michael Newton will prime bike hour with yet another of his viral posters!

  2. Chrissie says:

    Despite being half a world away, we’ll miss you not being in lovely Newie. When do you head off? Love to you both, and to the boys too. Lill says Hi and bye. C

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