What to do now, but get fat?

Knowledge based economies have a real problem. Do you realise we have been so good at eliminating physical labour from our lives, that now we can’t even get enough fibre without gaining weight? A slight woman who earns too much money using her smarts to be wasting time scrubbing laundry, like her grandmother did, could have a basal metabolic requirement of as little as 1200 calories in a day. That’s barely enough for some whole grain bread, vitamin pills, and a nip of Yukult for her tum. Give the lass some steak once a week to keep a glow in her cheeks, and she will be dangerously overweight by the age of 30 or 40.

The educated woman is left no option but to put some exertion back in her day, most likely at the gymnasium, mindlessly running on treadmills, like a trained rat. Without those hours of drudgery, her body would be motionless for 24 hour cycles, divided between work, sleep, driving between home and office, and nibbling on celery.

You can see where I’m leading. If we each took the one physical thing most of us still need to do every day (physically move between home and work) as our opportunity to burn a few hundred calories, we could have lives resembling those of our evolutionary ancestors, who could eat enough to stay nourished without gaining weight. If only the money spent on the world’s gyms had been spent on covered bike paths. Instead of the humiliation of the gym, we would have the joy of the bicycling commute for that time we can’t avoid spending each day burning calories.


  1. Paul says:

    Got a plan for those of us who work from home?

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