Nothing here for Mr Blanket Solution

You may know him. Whatever you suggest to improve cycling won’t work, for some reason or another. Either there is a tribe in Peru who will object to your bike share because of their religion, or a motorist somewhere who once honked their horn. Forget it. We’re damned. Mr Blanket Solution believes the whole world should be in the image of Holland, and since it can’t be, it needs blowing up.

If you are this person, don’t look at these pictures. The first The Great Gusto took on his way home two evenings ago. The second was from a helicopter and put on the web for free use—or do the watermarks mean someone wants money? In any case, these photos show the gorgeous switch back road Gus rides to get home, and that I climb each morning to take my son to school in our Dutch Cargo Bike. Yes, it’s a hill, and I know Mr Blanket Solution has something wrong with his back. But living with hills is like living with stairs in your house. If you don’t like them, rearrange your furniture to spend more time on the ground floor.

My morning climb turns from a cliff face to an english picturesque garden, then onto a windswept hillside, all within a few minutes. That last photo is of my favourite bend, and comes from my university’s cultural collection on flickr. Stone walls surround a rose garden. You couldn’t model a better riding experience in your computer.

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