4.11.2012, Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo publish “Utopia: Seriously, good urban design should aspire to it“, in The Conversation. (On the front cover)
25.9.14 Steven Fleming Keynote at Bike Futures Seminar, “There’s a little bit of Holland in every town”.
23.9.14 Steven Fleming guest on ABC Radio National Drive, “Could Australia become a Utopia for Cycling? with Kirsty Kelly, CEO Planning Institute of Australia
23.9.14 Steven Fleming guest on ABC Northern Tasmania Breakfast Show with Emma Pharo from Bicycle Network. Audio here and here.
1.7.14, Steven Fleming publishes article in Polish architecture magazine Autoportret, “Urbanistyczny potencjał ruchu rowerowego”. 2 [45] 2014, pp.44-51.
30.5.14. Steven Fleming gives talk titled “Cycling to a Knowledge Economy” at the Australian Institute of Urban Studies – South Australia
29.5.14. Steven Fleming gives sub-plenary address at the annual conference of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Velo-City Global, in Adelaide. Title: “Inventing Building Typologies and Urban Morphologies that Proceed From Bicycle Motion”.
17.5.14 Angelina Russo and Steven Fleming lead session titled “Imagining Cyclespaces: creating a cultural imaginary” at Museums Australia National Conference, in Launceston.
7.5.14 Steven Fleming speaks along with Harry Barber as part of the City Talks – Urban Landscape Seminar Series at Aurora Lecture Theatre in Hobart
1.5.14 Steven Fleming publishes “Cycling for Space” in The Adelaide Review.
14.4.14  Steven Fleming gives guest lecture at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.
12.4.14. Steven Fleming is keynote speaker at the 3rd International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.
10.3.13, The Australian Cyclists Party appoint Angelina and Steven to their Reference and Experts Panel.
23.2.14, “On the Bike Path to Urban Freedom,” interview with Isabel Bird, in The Examiner. (5.8MB pdf file)
5.12.13. Angelina Russo and Steven Fleming deliver seminar titled,”Australians Dream of Speed” at the National Museum of Australia.
27.11.13 Blog post titled “Now try to imagine a purpose built city for bikes” republished on Archinect.
25.11.13. Angelina Russo and Steven Fleming publish “Reimagining Australia … by bike“, in The Conversation
22.11.2013 Steven Fleming receives DARCH Horse Award for Urban Provocateur
23.10.13. Steven Fleming interview by Archinect: “Working Out of the Box: Steven Fleming“.
22.10.13 Steven Fleming gives keynote, The Dollars and Sense of Building for Bikes, at The Australian Institute of Architects Sydney, in conjunction with Sydney Rides FestivalShort Communications, and AMP Capital. Click here to watch video.
17.10.13. Steven Fleming addresses The Building Designers Association of Tasmania, “Life in the fast lane: how a bicycle city lets you squeeze more into your day”.   (BDAT).
15.10.13. Steven Fleming publishes “Ride to work? You’ll need a bike barrier for that.” in The Conversation.
19.9.13. Steven Fleming publishes “Toward Cycle Cities“, in Arch Daily. Reprinted in Business Insider. Spanish translation reprinted Plataforma Arquitectura.
4.9.13 Cycle Space reviewed by L.A. Review of Books.
3.9.13. Steven Fleming presents underground bike highway and aircon bike parking vision for Singapore to directors and chiefs of URA, LTA, HDB and NPB. (pdf version of slide show)
9.8.13. Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo give talk titled: Futurama Reset, at Rapha Cycle Club Sydney, for the PowerHouse Museum as part of Design Sydney.
8.8.13. Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo give talk titled Bicycle Cities for the Future, at Pedal Power ACT
1.7.13. Steven Fleming is invited speaker at the Centre for Architecture, AIA New York for  International Bike Cities night of talks, and joins panel. (pdf version of slide show) Photos.
27.6.13. Steven Fleming and Anne Lusk present research on bike focused development to Boston Global Investors
20.6.13 Steven Fleming presents paper, “Bike Paths to Nowhere: The Case for Bike Infrastructure that Ignores the Road Network,” at Bicycle Urbanism Symposium in Seattle.
Dec. 13. Steven Fleming interviewed by Singapore Architect
23.11.13. Steven Fleming interviewed by Dutch national newspaper Trouw
22.11.12  Steven Fleming is invited speaker at Urban Bike Night, NAi Rotterdam. Talk and forum panel member.
17.10.12  Steven Fleming gives plenary at Archifest Forum, SIA Singapore. Talk and forum panel member.
19.10.12. Interview in De-Volkskrant Dutch national newspaper. Reprinted in De-Volkskrant online (Dutch language)
2012.  Appointed to Board of Directors, Newcastle Bikefest
22.9.11, Steven Fleming presents “The Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD): A New Tool in Urban Resilience,” at Resilience in Urban Design, the 4th International Urban Design Conference, Gold Coast, Australia. Published proceedings (see pp.80-87). Video of talk.
4.7.11. Video interview with Mikael from Copenhagenize.
25.5.11. Interviewed by Jonathan Maus from Bike Portland Interview.

Other Press

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Nominee, Professional of the Year, Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards
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Behooving Moving included in list of 9 bike blogs world wide in Australian Cyclist
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Bike Portland interview republished on Archinect
Promotion for Linen Run in Treadlie Magazine
Video segment with Bike Realtor Kirsten Kaufman in Portland.
See who follows Steven on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BehoovingMoving
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