New findings: balloon tires outpace sprinting man

To all my little cycle chic darlings, devastated by my finding that balloon tires are slow (can’t be pumped higher than 60psi, so leave a large contact patch on the road), please, please, accept my apologies. There is a pop music clip that proves, beyond doubt, that a balloon bike easily outpaces a sprinting man, even when the rider is barely pedaling. At the risk of sounding more catty than usual, may I suggest too that the rider looks much better riding her bike, that she would walking—like me, on my balloon bike as well.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyday girl on a bike

    What is it about a bare headed girl cyclist in a flowing dress that captivates so suddenly and powerfully?

    The faux petrol tank is a pity – a self-effacing affectation. I’m a great fan of whimsy but those tassels seem a step too far. And the music seems less captivating than the vision – I only lasted 20 seconds.

    However, your point is well made, and prettily too: balloon tires pedaled slowly by a girl are faster than a sprinting man. Good, solid, empirical research like this is essential for a vibrant, informed cycle culture. Well done and thanks.

    • Steven says:

      Re: Everyday girl on a bike

      I have waited so long for an epistemological debate. Sir, you have honoured my blog and I thank you 🙂

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