Narcissistic photos of me, your Bike God

Recently in Rotterdam I was photographed by the beautiful and charming Femke Hoogland, known to all bike racers in the Netherlands as the producer of Soigneur magazine.

In the words of my friend Sven, from Rotterdam Cycle Chic, I look like a “bike god”. Coming from a cyclocross champion, that is one hell of a compliment. I thank my parents for their genes, and years of imitating the poses of Classical and Hellenistic statuary, and of course Femke, for these supreme manifestations of my own narcissism.


  1. Luke says:

    Obviously I approve of the classical or Hellenistic allusion. But is there a trace of an Archaic smile there? A touch of the Kouros? Wikipedia suggests that the Archaic smile suggests “happiness via ignorance.” I think that misinterprets the mysterious and enigmatic archaic smile. Besides, Steven’s is a kind of post modern ironic half grimace, and the ancients didn’t really do irony.

    While I sympathise with steven’s aspirations to classical greatness, I do think that his true model is the pre-classical and puzzling archaic figure. That was the age of the dawning of democracy after all.

    • Steven says:

      Well spotted Luke! I elided a few from the Severe period — otherwise I know you would have correctly identified those as well. Now let’s agree there will be no mention of Michelangelo.

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