My mountain bike loves somebody else

Now I know why I don’t love my mountain bike. It is because my mountain bike doesn’t love me. She would rather be at fancy 24hr enduro events, being ridden by the great Gusto, who makes her look special.


  1. Lukas Junker says:

    You are right. She looks happy.

  2. Hemp Bike says:

    Perhaps your mountain bike doesn’t love you because you’re not willing to dirty your Dashing Tweeds.

    • Steven says:

      Oh rollicking zeitgeists, moments before seeing this, I was in the lab with my dear primrose, where we are developing fragrances inspired by cycling routes. We were actually just talking about mineral aromas!

  3. Don says:

    She sounds like a carbon ’29er’ – fickle things – still young and skinny enough to be really choosy about who gets to ride them…

    I recommend a slightly older model with a bit more travel. Forgive her any minor wear or blemishes and you can look foward to many happy hours in the dirt.

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