Bikes are safe so you don’t need a helmet. Bikes are safe so you don’t need a… zzzzzzz

After a hard day making a film to raise funds for our safer cycling cities campaign, Gus and I drank gallons of beer and rode around without helmets. Moments after posing here for I Cycle Newcastle (an hilarious new slice-of-life blog) we rode about wherever we liked in defiance of contextual realities here in Australia, protected only by our utopian visions.

Isn’t it so vitally important that we normalise cycling with every breath, and unravel decades of media images telling us that cycling is a dangerous sport! I mean, in Northern European countries (take Germany for instance) no one would think for a moment that these two wheeled contraptions we bike bloggers praise every day, could be anything other than safe and accessible tools for all ages to move about on in cities:


Behind my sarcasm is a pang of frustration I feel with the sheer number of people getting  on board the anti-sports cycling band wagon, when even the original spokespeople for that most vital point, seem to have made their point, and moved on. It would seem we are left with fewer vehicular cyclists these days frowning on cowards for using bike paths and not claiming the road, than we have globally conscious bike riders returning from study tours around Holland, frowning on those cowards who spoil things by wearing helmets. Or am I being too churlish?

I wouldn’t know, but if I hear one more yuppie belabour that old point about everyday cycling being spoilt by anyone on a sports bike, I vow Gus and I will take this box bike to the top of some really big hill, and aim it straight at a jump ramp, and get mashive air. Isn’t that right Gus? [Don’t worry, he trusts my riding implicitly. He sat in it filming this clip, without even flinching].