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People often ask me, “Dr. Behooving, what is your all time favourite architectural treatise?” Why, it aught to be obvious from the cornucopia of symbols and the date on my crest. My all time favourite architectural treatise, because it advocates penetrative hec hem with buildings, if they really arouse you, is the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, from 1499—though the 2005 commentary by Liane Lefaivre is the much better read. So if you want to really let your hair down, and your pants down, with the true spirit of architecture, and let that creative juice flow, I highly recommend grabbing her book from the library. Her theory that the treatise was written by Alberti has been debunked, but never mind that: Alberti wasn’t the only genius kicking about Florence circa fourteen nine nine.

Antwerp Central Station

If you don’t have immediate access to a scholarly library, then this video by my old buddy Mikael is not a bad stand-in. While the architecture is not inwardly all that inspiring, what it houses certainly is: thousands upon thousands of fully functional Belgian bikes. And all of this, to my aesthetic wonderment, lay behind the most beautiful woman of a facade. To old D.H Lawrence:

“No form of love is wrong, so long as it is love, and you yourself honour what you are doing. Love has an extraordinary variety of forms!”

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    As the priest said to the choir boy.

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