Mini Velo Meets Porter—though I have no idea why it’s called “ortre”

Think of what you need in an everyday bike for small errands. Maneuverability inside a few buildings. A low centre of gravity for loads you might carry. And that’s about all. Somehow I think the mini-velo just found its calling. It was never to be the world’s fastest bike as Alex Moulton imagined. Neither was it ever going to outshine the classic lugged track bike among urban hip dudes (hold off buying your Cannondale Hooligan, until you see them on clearance). As a BMX bike for grown ups, the mini-velo type bike was simply too funny—excuse me now while I utter “moosegoose“. No, the mini-velo is the bike for keeping inside your front door, for ducking out and bringing shit home with.

It doesn’t hurt that this winning combo was arrived at by an industrial designer with an eye for nice polished metals and welds, based in Hong Kong, where evidently he can control the supply of some quality bike stuff. If you click on this link, look for U-Bolts and pumps so smart you would want to carry them on the outside of your bag, so that people might see them, and know you are rich. And life gets better like this, can’t you see, with each edification of cycling.

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