30 November & 1 December, 2017

Brunswick Town Hall

Why Melbourne?

Just like Amsterdam, or Copenhagen, Melbourne could do more to encourage bike transport. It has done two things, though, that have garnered well deserved and international praise. The bike ramps bringing cyclists into Medibank Place were a highlight of the Bicycle Architecture Biennale held in Amsterdam in July 2017, while The Commons stands as an international test case in cutting car parking to zero by providing bike parking instead.


The Cycle-Space Workshop

You are invited to be part of a two day professional development workshop, headed by Dr. Steven Fleming, convened by Professor Angelina Russo, and featuring talks by people making a difference to cycling in Melbourne. Participants will learn that bicycle urbanism is more than just bike paths and secure parking. Moreover, cycling is occasioning a shift in the way we think about cities and buildings, as profound as the shifts that came about as a result of the car and the train. Whether you work in architecture, landscape design, urban planning or allied fields, understanding the full implications of bicycle transport and the policy changes it is likely to cause, will help position your practice in the age of bike transport.


Program in Brief

The two day program will get participants out on their bikes, hearing from designers during site visits, practicing fieldwork, and creating a unique map of the city. Interspersed throughout the program are succinct lectures from the conveners and guests.

Lectures will cover the following topics: cycling and global warming; cycling’s impact on average commute times; the fashionability of simple solutions; good and bad impacts on public transport; the epistemology of inventive design; well intentioned “Gehlism” and how it is failing; helpful and harmful utopian dreaming; international best practice and possible futures for ground planes, building types and urban planning.

Workshop leader Dr. Steven Fleming is currently involved in projects in Norway, Colombia, and China, and in the past two years has had assignments in the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, the US, Germany and in Australia.

Garry Brennan is senior policy advisor at Bicycle Network and has worked extensively in the planning, design and delivery of bicycle infrastructure in Melbourne. Recently he has provided input to a number of urban-shaping initiatives, including Melbourne Metro Rail, West Gate Tunnel, Strategic Cycling Corridors and the Fishermans Bend Redevelopment.

Nolli Mapping from a cyclist's perspective


Medibank Place, Hassell Architects

Fishermans Bend

Thursday 30th Nov 2017

8.00am Breakfast at Docklands

9.00am Site Visit to Medibank Place

10.00am coffee

10.20am cycle to venue (Brunswick Town Hall meeting room, 233 Sydney Road, Brunswick)

11.00am Lectures with lunch provided.

2.15pm Fieldwork exercise

3.45pm Reconvene Brunswick Town Hall for group exercise

5.00-5.30pm. End of formalities.

6pm- 8pm Book launch, Velotopia by Steven Fleming. Venue: Velo Cycles, 815 Nicholson Street, Carlton North VIC 3054

Friday 1st December 2017

9.00am Reconvene at Brunswick Town Hall to complete group exercise

11.00am morning tea

11.30am Presentation by bike planning staff from Moreland Council

12.00am Presentation by Garry Brennan from Bicycle Network regarding Fishermans Bend

12.30am Presentation from Troy Parson, cargo bike user and bicycle advocate

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm site visit to Fishermans Bend

3.00pm Preparations for afternoon presentations by groups.

3.30pm Presentation by Steven Fleming to open forum

4.00pm Presentations by participants to open forum

5.30pm Informal social gathering, The Union Brunswick, 109 Union Street Brunswick

Program subject to minor variations.

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