Looking to buy a big lie

I implore any young man or butch girl to take up road cycling as a sport, break a few bones, win a few races, then stick with it for life. I have spruiked the sport’s other virtues in prior posts, but I’ve never explained how you can use it to double your money. If instead of buying a carbon frame, young man or lady, you bought an old high end steel bike on eBay, then twenty years from now you would have a bike you could sell for double what you pay now.

I have been looking to buy a bike to keep on my indoor trainer, with the secondary motive of mythologising my past. Rather than pick up a straight gauge 531 bike with Shimano 600, like I used to race on, I want a chrome lugged Italian frame with full Record gear, to create the myth that back in the day I was better, and better endowed. Judging by the price top end steel bikes of the 80s and 90s are fetching on eBay, I’m not the only one with this idea: they are selling for the price of new bikes that weigh less and have more sophisticated modern components.

The images are from the blog of a guy who calls himself an eBay troll, searching for the ideal “woman” to settle down with for life.


  1. Rob(ert) says:

    thanks for the great link – some lovely bikes – prices are amazing!?!

    • Steven says:

      Amazingly high, I know. These are the kinds of bikes you anticipate someone giving you from under their house. I must find a widows-of-cyclists support group.

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