Let ME be the one to use words like “crisis”

When people ask me who reads this blog, I say guys in their 40s, cycling their way through mid life crises. As someone of that later demographic, it is fair for me to paint us that way. It is not so fair for others to say that about us.
I draw your attention to this article, by male feminist writer Jon Henley, with his stereotypical portrayal of men hitting 40, buffing up on bikes, then leaving their wives for young dolly birds. In Henley’s cartoon-like sketch, 10K carbon bikes replace sportscars in the male quest for lost youth and virility. Jon, your ploy to bed women newly made single by guys of that type, is hopelessly see-through. And Jon, you are fat.

So let ME say, that cycling is a natural therapy for middle aged guys. It was likewise a good therapy for guys in their 40s, when I was in my early 20s, and first starting to race. The generation who taught me to ride are now in their 60s, and still racing, or dead. Populist writers like Jon (whoever) Henley are taking pot shots at a tight knit fraternity who frankly don’t care, who are more concerned with each others race results, than the opinions of desperadoes dredging a living from journalism, in this age when better writing is being published by people like me, who share their bullshit opinions for free.

Where I will give professional writers’ their dues, is for gathering stats. For example, this article outlines statistics showing that well paid, middle aged men, like myself, are the real force behind the cycling boom in countries like England. We display our affluence with bike gear, are in love our thighs, think we’ll live until 130, and so on. The article is well researched, and spares the cheap shots many would take at us, just because we’re superior 🙂


  1. not that I am shallow but …

    how about an acknowledgement re reference???

    • Steven says:

      Re: not that I am shallow but …

      actually Roberto, I have been meaning to publish a whole page of your best references. I need to do that from my work computer though, and have to check that it is okay to mention these are from a bike enthusiast who works by day as a planner. Okay??

  2. Dr Behooving,

    Was joking – am not THAT sensitive.


  3. Anonymous says:

    tweed ride

    Where are the tweed ride photos Dr Behooving? Many of us are hoping for a glimpse of what we missed out on.

    Love, Sparkle

  4. Anonymous says:


    Behooving, it’s a miracle! How, but through proximity to god could Michelangelo pre-empt your amazing physique with his statue of David?

    • Steven says:

      Re: beauty

      And how, but through proximity to god, does cycling generate blog readers of letters like you, Lord or Lady Anon! Is pr-empt as good a word as “anticipate” though, since we’re using the language of art history?

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