KPG Design Studio not hiding their bike love


A velomobile with a stamped aluminium monocoque chassis. The chassis becomes the frame. By jingo, I love the way architects think! This is from KPG Design Studio. I believe their resident bike nut is Donald Paine. He designed the Washington Bikestation (below), a building that celebrates bikes as a cathedral does god, and remains one of the seven wonders of bicycle transport (or so sayeth me).


It is not in architects’ makeup to see bikes as toys or sporting equipment. I think we’re hardwired toward saving the world—or at least making it elegant as it goes down. So naturally KPG want to show us how their velomobiles fit into the city, with the automatic retrieval system pictured below. After the success of their Washington Bikestation the firm is evidently going after bike infrastructure commissions in a serious way.


They have rejigged their website to highlight bike projects and bridges ahead of the commercial and institutional projects that architects usually put first on their websites, because those usually make the most money. But maybe bicycling projects will be the big earners in years to come? Other firms with websites good for “Bikespiration” are ArtgineeringWest-8, BIG, and JDS — in roughly that order. And for inspiration when making your next architectural model, how about this:


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