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Hausmanns gate, Oslo, Photo Roar Løkken

While I will still be blogging, and shooting the breeze, I am also now writing serious essays for paid subscribers to my new Patreon page. The first subscribers coming into this exclusive club are politicians, the head of an EU funded bicycling program, Holland’s top academic researcher of cycling… you get the idea. I have effectively culled ignorant readers from my RSS feed with blog posts they don’t understand, so am confident I am inviting the right people to my Patreon page with this announcement. Full access costs only $2 per month and if you cancel your subscription before the start of a new month, you can avoid paying at all. On the other hand, for $20 per month you can have announcements presented to an elite group of the bicycling world’s influentials.

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  1. horney says:

    I want to support your career and intend to donate $15 for your website by PayPal, Or become your patreon per month.
    But I do not want to anonymous, and can you add a link for my blog? Any web page or post(like, donor list page or sidebar) is OK. My site( is about bicycle that can help anyone who wants to start bicycling make a choice. I think our philosophy is the same — let more people participate in the construction environment/city. Looking forward to hearing from you. thanks!

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