It would be tempting!

My titanium road bike, it occurs to me, is so elegant in its simplicity that it provides me with a blank canvas ready to receive any kind of image I care to lay on it. For a very slight weight penalty, I really could be the dapper gent of my local racing fraternity, simply by replacing 5 parts in my kit.


  1. I am confused?!? – Aren’t you already the most dapper gent in the Club?

  2. Anonymous says:

    As you know I approve wholeheartedly. I can’t help thinking that you should go one step further and get some canvas panniers to really sock it to the peloton.

    I assume your aware of Velo Orange?

    • Steven says:

      indeed I have never looked at the velo orange website. I have now though! The hammered fenders got my attention. Have looking for something like that to complete a nerdy messenger bike design I am cooking up in my mind.
      Too late for the panniers though. I got a brooks devon pannier from chainreaction cycles last week. Here’s hoping for wet weather all next week to test its water resistance! Oh and I must say, it works REALLY well. The connection, zips and everything is so well thought through!

    • Anonymous says:

      For more behooving perusing, check out:

      for some un-genre-able, nerdy, offroadable equipment.

    • Steven says:

      oh Gus, a whole fricking gallery filled with John-Boys! Must refine and clarify my thinking about this. My hope would be to give birth to a whole new cycling niche, mountain biking in trouser braces, for which the BehoovingMoving JOHN-BOY was the first choice of equipment.

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