is the PAS house a house, or a skate park?

If it were a house, it might not meet building regulations pertaining to safety. Oh those regs can be so freaking anal, you knows! By calling it a skate park though, and asking your visitors to sign waivers acknowledging that skating is a hazardous activity occasioning death, or whatever words they use in those waivers, the architect enters a regulatory free space. I write about this, because I’m keen on the idea of ride-through buildings of every kind, including buildings that are fun to ride through, with feelings or weightlessness for example. (Thanks Roberto, for sending this through).



  1. Anonymous says:

    the inter-city bike sausage

    Just connect 100,000 of these together between two cities and you’ve got a covered bicycle superhighway. Make ’em out of injection-molded fiberglass resin on site with a mobile injection unit that can move along as the project progresses. Just tanker truck the resin to site and bob’s yer uncle. Of course you’d have to have the sides open for air and views over the countryside.
    –Brian Jones

    • Steven says:

      Re: the inter-city bike sausage

      Brilliant suggestion. In Australia we have to make sure that resin doesn’t degrade in the sun. But hey, it’s 2011. I’m seeing some worm-shaped monster truck shedding bike superhighways like an infinite trail out its backside, wherever it goes.

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