Introducing myself

With a book I have coming out soon, and the promotion thereof, I’m about to spend a year or two as a low grade public figure—yay for hate mail and death threats. In anticipation, I am naturally shopping around for a new bike. If you can help me with a small (52-55cm) reynolds or columbus racing bike from the 1980s, do let me know. Lots of chrome and fancy paint, please. I figure I should also be prepared with a clear and concise introduction.

So a little about me. If Australia’s competitive advantage has thus far been coal, my family’s is cycling. While most people are nervous about energy prices, we know our own household bill for commuting and leisure, will never be more than a cup full of oats.

For two decades, this frugality just made us freaks. However, now that the whole world is coming around to bicycle transport, all the things I’ve thought about architecture and cities, as an architect/cyclist, could actually be of interest to others. So I’m blogging and writing as much as I can, while my insights have currency. Aside from strange fascinations with arcane texts from the Renaissance, I think that just about sums me up.

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