I’m just selling cycling, not sourdough bread.

The unique proclivities of le petit bourgeoisie, how they do bore me. I have no interest in the interests of people who cycle. They are already cycling. I want to know what interests those who don’t cycle. It is more important to know the mind of someone attracted to Bangkok’s largest shopping mall, CentralWorld, Siam, and why they would think going there by limousine is the best:

I filmed this rather boring vlog in Doha on my way home Spain a few days ago. Pardon the droll tone. I was plugged with Lorazepam, and am only just now coming to.

Urbanisation happens like this:

and this

and this

(more of those here)

and each time it does a million more people are thrust into cars. I have this bee in my bonnet after a workshop I ran with my good friend Jordi Galí Manuel from Copenhagenize/Barcelona, two weeks ago, in Zaragoza. It was a fantastic experience, don’t get me wrong, but I knew at least one person would chastise me for making these the group tasks:

And how I was chastised! Being from the demographic who currently cycles most in the group thought malls and fast food are inherently bad, never mind their appeal to billions of people worldwide.

Developing nations are asking for urban mobility. They have not asked for small batch sourdough bread loafs or outdoor cafes. While ever the message is that they can’t have one without the other, they will reject both.