If I may be excused

All bloggers need breaks, and it’s time for one of mine. In the next month I will be relocating to Tasmania, with all the real estate transactions and other banalities that moving entails. I’ll be starting a new job, settling the kids into school, finding suppliers of coffee beans, and god forbid, buying a car—hopefully only for trips to the ski fields. Regular readers will note how travel and work led to less quality blogging last month. Well, the next month will be similar.

By around August, expect Dr. Behooving to be back in full form, both on the race scene and blog scene. Oh, and I will be dressed nicely too. My book is scheduled for release in early October, so I am working on a number of suave cycle-specific fashion personas ready for public appearances. Foremost among these, will be a French fop, who carries around an ornate rear-vision mirror, that he occasionally fixes to his handlebars too. Instead of a bell, his bike has an air horn. It makes this sound: baroooobra baroooobra baroooobra. Now why doesn’t pro-bike-kit sell air horns for bikes that sound awesome like that?


  1. Tim says:

    An anticipatory, welcome to Tasmania! Good timing too with your interest and skills with the docklands redevelopment – it could be a bit of a fight to instal logical cycle and light rail routes.

    • Steven says:

      Well Tim, you may not be surprised to learn I knew nothing of this redevelopment at all. Am guessing you’re referring to the Macquarie Point Railyards plan in Hobart? From a cyclists perspective, what else can you tell me?

  2. Tim says:

    ….and don’t too excited about the skiing.

  3. Angelina says:

    Can i take it that you are now a Professor, professor?

    • Steven says:

      I was actually going to side step that issue by minting medals and calling myself colonel or general. What do you think?

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