I Love New York

In August 2009, The New York City Council passed this law, requiring all parking stations provide secure bicycle parking proportionate to its number of car parking spaces. I love New York. I had the great pleasure of living there in 2006, and look forward to going back shortly. When I first went there in 1998, the buzz on the street was Mayor Giuliani. He’d just made the city safe. I was next there in 2002, thankfully not for too long, as the place was in the post 9/11 doldrums. 2006 was far more upbeat. I put my eldest in school on W104th street, and dealt first hand with their equivalent of the "my schools" website, Australia was on the brink of emulating. While my son was at school, and really thriving, I was doing the same up at Columbia. Oh, and I wrote a novel over my morning coffees at Starbucks. I had become part of a city where nobody waits for anyone’s go ahead. You’re already in charge of the universe, because you’re in New York. Of course it’s a mind game. But being there, you submit to that, and it works. 

So while the rest of the world waits to see ideas trialled elsewhere, people in New York know they’ll be waiting forever for anyone to make the first move (I’m exaggerating; there are massive exceptions; but I’m right all the same). Who cares if they deserve to or not. We let them, so they set the trends.    

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