I have to mention Japan

As major events are going down—9/11, wars, yesterday’s sickening events in Japan—the job of indexing facts still needs to go on. A year from now, we might look back and learn. Train commuters stranded last night in Tokyo were queuing up to buy bikes, rather than walk as far as 20 or 30km back to their homes. I don’t propose to reflect upon this. I’m just making a note.

A guy who tweets as "TokyoByBike" reports these new cyclists had to buy maps, to find their way home. When I lived in Singapore and took the train everywhere, that would have been me as well. Trains really do screw up your mind map. The cycling life is grounded in geography. You feel more empowered. It will be us and the cockroaches, post Armageddon! Um, unless architects have us all using those ECO Cycle underground bike parking dispensers, that I was lauding a few months ago. They’re all out of action until further notice.
It has also occurred to my pea brain (and this is a trite thing to even mention right now) that those flat plains being destroyed by the tsunamis, are the landscapes where everyone cycles. These are the areas I would normally say we should consolidate, as part of a sustainable model of planning. I’m not sure what I think now.

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