How I spent Bike Hour

I have no reason to believe the world’s first Bike Hour, this equinox Tuesday, will not play out similarly throughout the world, to the way it just did where I live. People were riding about the harbour area, some not a part of it, but most in observance. (I don’t know, and perhaps never will, if people rode on their own in other parts of the city, with Bike Hour in mind.) Nearing the end of the hour, an informal gathering occurred, providing people opportunities to meet new folk, or simply catch up. Some went home. Some stayed for a beer. There was nothing theatrical, to make anyone cringe, just random moments of delight, like Michael Newton’s home made box bike that he unveiled, my new glow in the dark scarf from culture cycle, Mike Rubbo’s appearance, and Grant demonstrating how he can bring baby twins and a four year old with him, on the one bike. If you made a Bike Hour video, please share it on our facebook community page. Here’s my own contribution:



  1. Don says:

    We couldn’t quite manage the 6-7pm slot, but my wife and I had a lovely ride around our local area earlier in the afternoon. I’ll see if I can post a photo on the Facebook page.

    Thanks for an inspired and inspiring idea!

  2. Mike rubbo says:

    Steven, great evening, and the films are looking good. I’s extreme frustrating for a non texter that you phone doesn’t take messages, aggravated by the smug tone with which this frustrating news is delivered to the hapless phoner. What’s your email? I want to talk about the com.

    • Steven says:

      Oh no, as one with an entry in this competition, it is forbidden that I talk to you. You will just have to choose one—preferably mine 🙂

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