How architects brand themselves with their bikes

Conscious as we are now, of the environment, our health and the frightful impact of cars, many architects are looking to the bicycle, as an emblem of the late machine age. They have for some time: Marcel Breuer modeled his Wassily Chair on his Adler bicycle’s handlebars; Reyner Banham wrote essays about his Moulton F-frame; Norman Foster’s space frame Moulton looks unnervingly like many of his own buildings; and man of the moment Bjarke Ingels, of BIG, has gone into partnership with the designer of his own Biomega. (A dense run of links there for those with an interest).
So Breuer rode a German bike, to remind him of his formative years at the Bauhaus. Banham and Foster chose bicycles representative of British engineering. Ingels rides an icon of Danish design. Each is branding himself with his nation’s prowess.

By the way, these are screen shots from the SBS television documentary "Designer People [episode 8]", in which presenter Lee Lin talks to Jens Martin Skibsted, Bjarke Ingels and others, about Biomega bicycles, architecture, and maybe a few other topics… I just noticed the bikes and the buildings.
Thanks Roberto for calling me to let me know it was on. A huge thanks to any reader who can give me any more verifiable leads regarding famous architects and what bikes they ride—I’m compiling a list. 

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