Hi Evelein from Rotterdam

Evelein, if you do check out my blog, could you drop me a line? With your permission I would like to mention you, and perhaps use this photo, in the book I may have told you I’m writing. I want the world to know about your riding style, which so exemplifies that of Dutch urban commuters. In countries like mine, ladies zig zag on old bikes with flower pots attached to their handlebars, imagining this makes them Dutch. They would be horrified to know Dutch lassies hit the city like Bombay taxi drivers, with eyes in the back of their heads looking out for police. Thanks for the lead into the city last night! I didn’t know a bike could career at full speed through such narrow gaps.


  1. Anonymous says:


    Drugs & Prostitution are legal in The Netherlands. Why on earth fear the Police?

    • Steven says:

      Re: Police?

      Because the lovely Evelein flouts the law every day— quite unlike Johns doing lines off of Hungarians’ bottoms, who go with the law’s blessing. You’re right though, that a live and let live attitude does favour cycling, especially for those velomobile maniacs (you know the ones?) who you see overtaking down the wrong side to make 200km in a day. Though I must admit I have only seen that on youtube 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Police?


      Hello Steven, a little late but you are very welcome to use my photo’s in your book, it will be an honour!!

      I am know to have a little ADHD – and my skype name is speedyevelien so there you go…. hahaha.

      I will will regularly check your blog, sounds like you are on a great adventure ride.

      Have fun and let me know when you are in Rotterdam, perhaps I can guide you around.

      Take care, bye

    • Steven says:

      Re: Police?

      So glad to hear from you! I want the world to know how you rocket! I will be coming back there for sure, and will let you know when I do 🙂

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