Having spent $7.95 for a bike magazine

Well I am delighted of course to have seen BehoovingMoving showcased in the latest edition of Australian Cyclist. I am mentioned just after my buddy Mikael's Copenhaganize blog, and also in the company of Lets Go Ride a Bike, the blog that inspired me to start this one, but which I've stopped following, ever since Dotty threatened to have me arrested for stalking her when I tried to catch up in Chicago last May. If you change your mind Dotty, I could fly over especially. (Note for the humourless: none of that's true).

The down side to being listed in a conventional paper-based publication, though, is having to pay $7.95 for a souvenir copy. These days that could buy me a jersey from an online bike store in England, thousands of jpegs of naked Hungarians, or maybe even a screw for my Brompton (though probably not). Instead I have 74 pages of piffle I've flipped through as fast as a twitter feed. No embedded vimeo clips. No place to leave instant comments—I would tell Michael Bluejay what he can do with his instruction to all cyclists to fit rear-view mirrors to handlebars. All that redeems this wad of waxed paper, is the article featuring me, that I must say, is incredibly witty. Thank you James Forbes. Your economy with words has inspired me!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Steven! A great honour and well deserved too!

  2. Anonymous says:


    I like the use of the word piffle; not sure what the rear-view mirror reference is; I may browse the magazine at the newsagent and save $7.95. Congrats on making the list.

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    I hope that the paper is received well Steven and I look forward to reading about it on here.

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    hey, awesome idea. Put the market on the STREET 🙂

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    more definitions?

    came across this trailer of an upcoming film in the design film fest here: citizen architect.
    despite your disdain for citizen-anything (except cyclists), i’d be interested in your take – surely reyner banham would be impressed with these bike sheds?

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