Give me a glutton-proof city


Each of has our own list of things we need to extract from our cities. Work, education, a social life, hobbies… these are the usual things at the top of our lists. Big cities are better for casual sex and the anonymity some prefer to have with that. Small towns are better if you need to feel listened to at Lions Club meetings. A particular thing I need to mine from a city is calorie consumption.

The simple truth is I eat like a pig. Like any child of the seventies I was constantly starving; a consequence of there being nothing to do beside extreme sports with a budget of zero, and my parents having a similar budget for food between meals. As a university student I was constantly starving, having little money for food and no means of transport except one that burned food.


Morning tea was provided at my office this morning. I ate for the lean years behind me, and any lean times that might come.

I gained weight when I lived in Singapore. The little bit of running I could do of an evening or on the weekend was not quite enough. For the brief time I lived in New York, morning runs around Central Park kept my clothes loose, but had I lived there much longer I’m pretty sure I would have ballooned. I’ve spent two years in this small city in Tasmania, living just 2km from where I work. That’s not far enough. I’m having to sell a pair of jeans I have never worn (3 days to go if you want them) because I currently have enough energy put away for a trans-continental on my waist and my arse.


There must be some way to mine this small town for calorie consumption. Perhaps it’s just mind over matter. Today I rode home via an utterly safe and quite gorgeous route that was as circuitous as I could make it. Importantly, this route has no out-and-back u-turns to make me think it is futile. I’m hoping I will be able to convince myself that this is the only way to work and back home every day. Convincing myself to leave food uneaten would be a lot harder!

long way home jpg

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  1. T.Foxglove says:

    Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one that does both of these things.

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