Free book(s) to be given away this Christmas day

Like most mature adults, I’m not terribly adept at using Facebook (beyond stalking my best looking friends). It weighs on my heart too, that I have done so little to promote the CycleSpace community page I established on Facebook, that I have only attracted a merger and motley entourage of just 81 followers—some of whom may even be me in disguise. So, in what will most likely be perceived as misguided plea for any fool’s love, I have decided to use that page for a book giveaway, with the winner to be announced Christmas day. To learn more, you will have to visit my Facebook page (click the image below) and lodge some clever and imaginative entry. Yes, it is a good old fashioned and very straight forward ideas competition, with a humble but highly regarded book for your efforts. Hopefully you will not be bothered by too many spammers, app requests, or by me as I stalk all your photos.

Indeed. But if you are in fact a regular user of Facebook (which doesn’t necessarily mean you are lonely) you might even find the page worth adding to your list of “liked” pages. I update it with something that I hope will be of interest to architects and urban designers roughly once every week. The great advantage of Facebook, that we found with our Bike Hour campaign, is the readiness with which it facilitates the sharing of creative ideas beyond language boundaries. So go forth and “like”, “share” and enter the comp simply by leaving a comment.

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