Frankfurt Book Fair

I don’t believe “Dr.” Behooving is quite sufficient—at least not any longer. This is a dilemma, because I know the title “professor” brings with it middle management duties, at which I would fail dreadfully. But I can’t sit on my hands at this current rank, “Dr.”, not now that a big yellow poster promoting my book is on display at the Frankfurt Book Fair, no less.

I was thinking I should have some title like “Wing Commander”. Or how about “Brigadier General Behooving”. What is the abbreviation for that? What do Field Marshals write on departure cards? Do any of my readers have authority to confer such a title? I think I would like Wing Commander the best, if that is within your jurisdiction.

Seriously though, who would have thought my half serious blogging would lead to a 100% serious book on architecture and urban design? You could be forgiven for not knowing this, but nai010 is an amalgam of NAi and 010, two firebrands of architectural publishing, now bigger than Ben Hur in their reach and prestige. So yes, it was definitely a good idea starting this blog.


  1. André Luis says:

    Congratulations, I signed your RSS feed.
    Well, When you have a book published is like to have a new child at home.
    But something that we had a more deeply participation, I can’t even explain properly. I got two books published, each one have their own soul, problems and happiness.

    Your blog at least for me is a big inspiration, keep going!

    Greats from Brazil

  2. The Hon. Hamish says:

    Dear Dr.,
    As you are aware, I am a world expert on titles and honorifics because I own a copy of ‘Debrett’s Correct Form’, the definitive tome on all things feudal. Wing Commander sounds OK but I think there are better titles out there. Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports comes to mind, as does the Knight of Kerry, the Green Knight (hereditary, unfortunately). I think a knighthood is probably the best you can aim for truthfully. Either move to New Zealand, where they still give them out (moving to Tasmania was a a baby-step towards this), or vote for the Liberals at the next federal election. Tony Abbott will bring back knighthoods if he becomes PM.

  3. Benedikt says:

    Großartig, Herr Feldmarschall!
    Congratulations, I can see how you’re proud and enthusiastic. But what’s with the military ranks? Calm down, sir. Don’t let it get to your head, you’re still only beginning. Don’t leave us now.
    But this may well be the beginning of something remarkable, it’s exciting to see things fall into place. I hope you’ll have positive impact on urban structures in the future. In a couple of years car makers will lament over “Fleming’
    s Folly.” =) And the doctor may have influence behooving his great ego.
    By the way, “Dr” was good enough for Strangelove, Loveless, Livingstone, No, Watson, Colossus, Frankenstein and Doc Brown.
    Now let us see cycle space expanding.

  4. Luke says:

    I think in Germany you would be Doktor Professor (maybe the other way round) if that’s any help. And in Italy you could be Dottore for having a degree, Dottore di recerca for a Phd, architetto (for obvious reasons), possibly Ingegnere (on the basis that a friend’s mother who trained as an architect has Ingegnere M.. on her door bell – that’s research for you). There are several types of professor. So when’s the Italian edition?

    The great book has now arrived in Britain (or at least my copy). Review to follow….

  5. Luke says:

    “It would appear Sir Winston Churchill held the title of Lord Warden of the Cinque Posts, which means he must have been an incredible advocate for bicycle transport. I didn’t know that about him.”

    Of course we can claim him – there’s no need to dredge up obscure titles (useful though that is:

    “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” – Winston Churchill
    (Source, t’internet. I see no need to enquire as to what sort of saddle he meant)

    • Steven says:

      Professor MacLachlan and Doctor Professor Benedikt, thanks you both for your unbridled support of my Wille zur Macht. I’m serious about organising a Tour de Titles, perhaps here in Tasmania, and sincerely hope you will both be able to join us. By that stage I may have the financial means to fly you both down to Tasmania, and the authority here to bestow you with actual titles, and unique riding costumes. Shall start designing some now.

  6. Robert says:

    +1 for Benedikt’s thoughts.

    Doctor is pretty good I think – Strangelove, Livingstone, No … Behooving – fits right in really?!?

  7. Bec S says:

    Congrats on the official launch! In internet parlance, w00t.

    And just to cast a vote in for keeping the Dr honorific….. with well-placed consonants so nicely offset the assonance of the alt-ego. And who other than a Doctor to behoove such a thing! Trust me, I’m in comms.. 😉

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