Fan-Forced Bicycling Viaducts



Ours were prominent voices in the debate sparked by Forster + Partners' SkyCycle, that we defended and criticisedUltimately, we do see some future for the bicycle viaduct as a means of connecting bike friendly districts where these are like islands in cities infested with cars. We take the view that if a bike route is going to be isolated, it may as well be enclosed and back-drafted, so cyclists can get out of there quicker.
Public investment in elaborate bike infrastructure can easily be justified on the basis that weather protection and wind assistance are a common good to all cyclists, and that cyclists perform a common good to the city. Though we have only shown one, we imagine many wind turbines, and many solar panels, converting any heat and wind that would otherwise make cycling hard, into back-drafting to make cycling easy.
Each tube would have a low riding lane, a cambered overtaking lane, and a cobbled refuge for very slow cyclists. While acknowledging all the prior proposals for bicycling viaducts, ours is more mindful of broader concerns. 

An alternative to the train. 

Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistant: Harriet Elliot. Photo of London: Brian Jones

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