Electric gizmos clearing a path

You know what? I would be happy to share bike paths with duffers like these:


And let’s be honest, most people are duffers. Politicians, planners, developers—all jolly duffers. They don’t like exertion. Yesterday, I attended an extended family gathering, and struggled to find anyone at all for whom the notion of riding a bike, at all, wasn’t foreign. Is it any wonder the populace generally, doesn’t care a lick about bike paths? No, it is future visions like these that excite them:

If only they could come up with an acronym for these electric gizmos, other than PMD (personal mobility device), that did not make me first think of pre-menstral tension! I would gladly start advocating PMD/Bike paths. I’m imagining wide, covered paths with thousands of duffers whirring along, and me overtaking them all on my bike. Humanity would be neatly divided, according to who could, and could not, get out of their seat.

It is a sad irony, that the more one dreams of future comforts, the less likely one is, to be around to see much future happen. I don’t feel so sad for them though, that I would stop them seeking space in cities and buildings to ride their contraptions—so long as the paths they are clearing are good for push bikes as well. I would make any deal, with any devil, if it meant some improvement for cycling.

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