Showcasing student work from the Cycle-Space Studio at UTAS
SINGAPORE DOCKLANDS, by Charlotte Morton.
THE RIDE-AROUND OFFICE, by Tim Stoklosa. Clusters of workspaces are organised around a central bike ramp, that makes a continuous spiral from the secure lobby all the way to the roof. Skygardens we ride though on the way provide space for the 1000+ bikes that could arrive every day if every worker travelled by bike. Many though would keep their bikes beside their desks, for quick trips throughout the office, and for quick access to their panniers that might be used as a permanent extension of their workstations.
TOWERS IN A BIKE PARK by Amy Pedder. The problem of an indefensible ground plane that we associate with a “towers in the park” model, could be substantially reduced if the park attracted bike riders. An intersection for major bike routes is provided on the development site, to activate the park setting with cyclists. A large bicycling roundabout encircles a playful velodrome.
HOUSING MINUS THE ROADS, by Alexander Kean: On sensitive sites, like these docklands in Tasmania if they were rehabilitated, many architects would like to “touch the earth lightly”. Unfortunately their good work would be undone the moment they had to provide driveways and parking. That wouldn’t be so if the budget for car infrastructure could instead be invested in an elevated non-vehicular boardwalk. Apartments and access ways are designed to maximise bicycle parking. Density is loaded along the side of the site causing the least overshadowing.
SUN SHADING BIKE RAMPS by Jaime Jimenez. Problem1: Bodies and equipment make office buildings hard to keep cool. Problem 2: if office buildings were deliberately located near long urban trails, thousands of workers could be arriving with valuable bikes that, ideally, they would like to keep at their desk. The stone that kills both birds at once is a sun-breaking bike ramp flanking the Western side of a building. A bike lane passes through the secure lobby on the ground floor, then continues via ramps on the outside to entries on every level. Less precious bikes can be securely parked on the podium roof.