Dream on, you cheesy old fools

Who among you can say driving is cooler than cycling? Come forward and tell us then, what makes your BMW or Lambo, or whatever you own, cooler than the gals in this clip below? You’re kinda like Taiwan or Dubai, trying to build the world’s tallest building, when those you are striving to emulate have abandoned that race and moved on. Wake up! The race is for the greenest, healthiest building, not the tallest, you dill. And this new snobbery pervades choices pertaining to vehicles. It rapidly overlooks hybrid cars, brushes off metro riding, and arrives within a few moments at bicycles. The generation who have blown off any kind of car as just plain embarrassing, are not asking whether to ride, but what they should ride. And watch how bicycle manufacturers are lining up to be chosen.

And you cheesy old fools have the nerve to think we’re impressed by your cars, and your weekenders on the coast, that you drive to some weekends. A few years ago, a famous TV presenter invited a friend and I to go visit his architect designed house way way up near some hippie town in Northern NSW. And how was I to get there, without being tainted by his geriatric view of the good life?



  1. Anonymous says:

    Those gals are definitely the coolest people I have ever seen on bikes, they make riding a bike look like the coolest thing on earth in fact!

    • Steven says:

      and you know, it quite possibly is. Surfing is fun, but you can’t pull off a wave to buy roses. Skiing is fun, but I doubt even in Canada it’s a convenient way to bring home a six pack. Cycling is fun, stirred into life, like streaks in marble.

  2. Anonymous says:

    True, cycling is at its best when it merges seamlessly with everyday life. I’m constantly amazed by how strong and functional they are even though I ride them everyday. And the joy you get riding them makes ordinary days seem so colourful and exciting. If bicycle was a vegetable it’d have to be asparagus. It’s green, it’s delicious and it turns you on (… you can tell I’ve put a lot of thoughts to come up with that one).

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