Dr. Behooving’s Quotable Quotes

Dear fellow wonderful people, after recently hearing so many pithy quips roll mellifluously from my tongue, I believe the time may be nigh for Dr. Behooving to formulate a BIG FREAKING LIST!!!! Over time I shall return to edit this post, refining meter, revving up alliteration and rhyme, adding new quotes, and thus building a repository of witticisms you may take and use to your own rhetorical ends. Please, if you will, I would be most grateful if you prefaced your repartee thus: "It is as Dr. Behooving hath saith: bla bla, and bla bla." Now go forth a slay those car loving Luddites with all these wicked one liners:

  • Cyclists can judiciously disobey lights. It’s not our fault that cars are so dangerous they need such things to control them.
  • What is a pedestrian, if not a driver let out for air?
  • Cyclists are like hermit crabs, taking over space planned for walking, but which ended up being too vast.
  • If you are walking and wish your feet came with wheels, chances are, you are in cyclespace.
  • The upright riding position approximates walking with your shoulders back, to attract mates.
  • Cars are fat.
  • The legal blood alcohol limit for cycling, is as for dancing. If you were dancing okay when you left, you are safe to ride home.
  • We’re building a world where luxury car drivers look upon cyclists with envy
  • Before hiring an architect, ask if they cycle to work.
  • Environmentalists, transit planners, and public health advocates, you’ll be happier when you all put cyclists in charge.
  • In the end cycling may be as chic as eating cockroaches, or whatever else we’re reduced to, when we’ve burned all the oil.
  • (I’ll post more here and on twitter, as they come to mind)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The upright riding position approximates walking with your shoulders back, to attract mates.

    These two have their shoulders back but aren’t upright. Nonetheless, they manage to look like a very positive gene pool – perhaps unusually for LWB recumbent riders.

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