Dr. Behooving’s quick bike wash

Youtube is a veritable Mount Everest of clips showing people cleaning their bikes. Alas, they’re all bollocks. That was, until this morning, when I uploaded this clip outlining what I hope in time will come to be known as The Behooving Method. It’s quick enough that you’ll want to do it after each messy ride.
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  1. WD40 0n the wheel rims??? Isn’t that a recipe for disaster?

    • Steven says:

      um, Dr. Behooving does not recommend readers try any of this at home! The Behooving Method may cause equipment to catastrophically fail, occasioning death to riders and bystanders. Disclaimers aside, I have noticed that a bit of dubbaya on the rims can cause a howling sound under brakes, that I find warns the rider behind. In other words, I have only noticed benefits.
      So cough up Roberto: what’s your concern?

    • WD40

      A simple concern really – I thought WD40 was a most excellent lubricant and as such not something you would want on your braking surfaces?!?!?

    • Steven says:

      Re: WD40

      OIC, as one would say in a text. If anything, the brakes only grab harder. However, you do have me thinking of hub brakes, that scare me a little, since lube entering them does f them up right proper, I’ve heard. I’ll tell you after I’ve f’ed them what I did wrong.

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