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If google analytics is a magnifying mirror, then the dots on the image below are my ageing skin pores. But like my magnifying mirror, that I’m always misplacing, I’m delighted to tell you that google’s reflected image of cycle-space is something I rarely drag out and consult. What you don’t know about, doesn’t need squeezing, I say.

Part of me wishes I had not just logged on to Google Analytics, and learned that almost a third of my page views are from people in Sydney. Hi guys. Does this mean you need squeezing? Melbourne readers though, stay on the site 3 times longer than readers from Sydney, meaning either they are less busy at work, or are better educated and thus able to penetrate my superfluous jargon. After Sydney and Melbourne, my top ten cities for readers are 3.London, 4.Singapore, 5.Minneapolis, 6.Toronto, 7.Newcastle (hi mum), 8.Moorhead, 9.Portland, and 10.Brisbane.

When you look at the page views according to country, you see I have some work bringing Africa around to the cause of prestigious cycling, that the Mongolians are still riding horses, and Greenland is waiting for global warming. Ah, but it’s our Anglosphere, isn’t it, that the internet is bringing together, revealing the Brit’s disinterest in France, Australia’s indifference toward Indonesia, America’s bulk, how New Zealand and Canada are completely forgotten, and how Europe logs on to look at the pictures. Or does my age mean I look in these mirrors with fading eyesight as well?


  1. lurkomorje says:

    Only Moscow in Russia took some interest I see.

  2. Sacred Vow says:

    Hey that’s me! The Hawaiian spec in the ocean.


    • Steven says:

      Aloha to you! The places with one reader each seem even more fascinating to me. Do you have a spare room? 🙂

  3. Sacred Vow says:

    Sure but only for your bike. No I’d give you a tour if you ever come here.

    I visit family in Australia twice a year, Sydney + Terrigal.
    Going next month.

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