Cycle chic, stretched all the way to the boonies.

So much is happening at once, I seriously doubt the existence of time. I mean, I’ve actually got famous peoples’ agents returning my emails—though it is not the time for name dropping just yet. Quit the opposite, it’s time to mention how I know Claudia, a local lass who I spotted about town today on the ladies version of my own bike! Yes, she has gotten herself a velorbis, and has set about accessorising everything from her handbag, to the chain she uses to lock it. If I can say this without creeping you out, dear, you look way too good to ever be hidden away in a car. On behalf of the men of this city, thank you for being a cyclist 🙂

Claudia is seen here wearing a white singlet and denim shorts, holding a Victoria Classic by Danish bike makers Velorbis (hub-gen lights, hub gears, hub brakes and axa lock). Today she is coordinating her Brooks leather accessories with a matching tan bag, while choosing to coordinate her shoes with her shiny black skirt guard.

In other news: Downing Street London is hosting a conference to hear architects’ suggestions on making Britain bike friendly (via @iambrianjones); Bjarke Ingels is so lost for ideas, he has taken to retweeting mine (via @Bjarkeingels); the illustrious Mikael Colville Andersen of cycle chic fame, has dropped by to leave a comment on cycle-space, insinuating I drink; Oregon’s developers are cleaning up on land near major bike routes (via @acseger); and have kindly quoted from cycle-space when reporting on London’s aforementioned gathering of architects and urban designers, to talk about cycling. Not that I would use my blog to promote myself, when really, this should be Claudia’s moment.


  1. Claudia Cox says:

    Hello, Its Claudia (newcastle girl with the velorbis)
    You have a wonderful blog, i love it.

    • Steven says:

      Hey nice to hear from you, and so glad you remembered to look it up! There are murmurings that a few of us might finish “bike hour” at the Maritime Museum, to help local media, and moreover for the awesome new swiss ice cream opposite honeysuckle hotel. Bring your swank friends 🙂

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